I saw the May 2, 2015 fight that you had with Manny Paquiao. I clearly saw that you won the decision. But, Manny was the aggressor. It was not an effectively scoring aggression throughout the fight. I saw Manny as your most dangerous opponent. Floyd you had to keep Manny on the outside with your longer reach and height. But, in the middle rounds Manny had begun to find the range when his jab began to connect. And, that spelled big trouble. I sensed that you were getting somewhat nervous of Paquiao. But, you miraculously held your composure, and did not fall into Pacquiao's trap. I believe anyone else would have broken under Paquiao's pressure. I believe God's blessing came through Floyd Senior because Floyd Senior is a perfectionist. I read that you had opted to have the uncle, Roger Mayweather, train you because Floyd Senior was too much of a perfectionist. The perfectionist mentality was the determining factor in the fight that caused you to hold composure under incredible pressure. You could not afford to make a single mistake in the fight. And, you didn't make a mistake. You better thank God for Floyd Senior being in your corner at the right time. May God continue to bless you.